Credits and Thanks

Thanks to all those listed below for assistance in this Web Site. 
This page will be updated as additions are made to the site. 
Thanks again for all contributions and assistance.
Jean-Marc L'Officer Allowed the reproduction of information from his book "Dr. Who Programme Guide", which was used for the episode details.
Steve Hill Most of the episode images used were from his web site.
George Cairns  Designed the Dalek Animation on the home page.
David Howe At the start he supplied advice that steared this project in the correct direction and also as the agent of Ray Cusick and Barry Newbery, allowing images to be used. Source for the Bloopers listed in the Episode Guide
On Target Reference site for information on Target novelizations
Stephanie Dix Offering advice, opinions on various design ideas, and for checking grammar and spelling.
A big thanks has to go to the BBC and Terry Nation for making the Dr. Who Series possible, without none of this would have been possible.
None of the above were involved in the construction of this site and are not responsible for any errors in the content or design of this site. Therefore they are not liable for any of the content used