Invasion Earth 2150 AD



1966 Lion International

Image Inside the TARDIS
Doctor, Tom and Susan outside the TARDIS
Tom and the Doctor
Dalek ship above the destroyed city
Landed Darlek ship with Robomen patrolling
Wylen (Andrew Keir) tries to silence Louise
Daleks and Robomen with slaves
Tom, Brockley (Philip Madoc),  and the Doctor stopped by a Dalek
Dortmun (Godfrey Quigley), Susan, Louise and  Wylen (Andrew Keir) listen to the radio
Dalek ship above the slave mines
Daleks in the Control Room

Dalek in the Control Room


Earth is an eerie and sinister place in 2150 AD. Subjected to a ferocious Dalek invasion, it has been bombarded with meteoric and cosmic rays.  Its cities have been smashed.  Whole continents wiped out.  Human beings have been turned into living dead men - Robomen - able to act only on radioed instructions from masts. Other humans have been commandeered to work as slaves in a massive mine in Bedfordshire.  Only a small group of resistance fights holds out in London.

A brilliant scientist, the Doctor, is transported into the future by the TARDIS.  He arrives at the height of the crisis, bringing with him his niece, Louise, his granddaughter, Susan, and Tom, a passing policeman who stumbled into the machine when the controls were already set. 

As the party from the present survey the desolate future, a Dalek saucer flies in to land in Chelsea.  Two resistance fighters, David and Wyler, escort the girls to safety in their hideaway.  But the Doctor and Tom are taken as prisoners to the spaceship.  Despite widely broadcast threats of extermination, the morale of the resistance fighters remains high. 

They gallantly attack the spaceship with hand-made bombs. David helps the Doctor escape.  But Louise - separated from the resistance fighters - is left behind with Tom inside the spaceship. And the Daleks, immune immune to Human bombs, emerge the victors.

Wylen returns to the resistance headquarters to take Susan and their crippled leader, Dortmun, to greater safety in the suburbs.  As they leave they are menacingly surrounded by Daleks.  Dortmun hurtles his wheelchair forward and is brutally exterminated. But Susan and Wyler accelerate through in a speeding van. 

Forced to run for it when their van is ray-bombed by the spaceship, Susan and Wyler seek refuge in a cottage, where a family work at clothing the slaves. Desperate for food, the family betray them to the Daleks and the fugitives are taken as prisoners to the Bedfordshire mine.

When the spaceship lands Louise and Tom escape through a disposal chute.  In the mine they meet the Doctor and David who have discovered the cause of the invasion.  The Daleks' aim is to blast out the planet's metallic core through a fracture in the Earth's crust and pilot it as a spaceship.  But the Doctor has also discovered the fatal weakness of the metal invaders.  Any deviation in the aiming of their bomb would unleash a strong  force of magnetic energy and destroy them. 

Throwing himself at the master microphone, the Doctor commands: "Robomen attack the Daleks."  Under cover of battle, Tom boards up the main shaft of the mine and the bomb explodes in the wrong place, at the working time.  Sucked into the core of the Earth, the metal invaders are exterminated.  And human beings are once again masters of their planet.

Dr Who:  Peter Cushing
Tom Campbell: Bernard Cribbins
 David:  Ray Brooks 
 Wylen:  Andrew Keir
 Susan:  Roberta Tovey
 Louise:  Jill Curzon 
 Wells: Roger Avon
Roboman:  Geoffrey Cheshire
 Conway: Keith Marsh
 Brockley: Philip Madoc
 Leader Roboman: Steve Peters
 Thompson: Eddie Powell
 Dortmun: Godfrey Quigley
 Man on Bicycle: Peter Reynolds
 Man with carrier bag: Bernard Spear
 Young Woman: Sheila Steafel
 Old Woman: Eileen Way
 Craddock: Keneth Watson 
Robber:  John Wreford
 Leader Dalek Operator: Robert Jewell

Executive Producer: Joe Vegoda
Producer: Milton Subotsky
: Max J. Rosenberg
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Screenplay: Milton Subotsky
Electronic Music: Barry Grey
Music: Bill McGuffie
Cinematography: John Wilcox
Film Editing: Ann Chegwidden
Art Direction: George Provis
Special Effects: Ted Samuels

1984 8th Edition Book Cover by Chris AchilleosBased on the original novelization as "Doctor Who - The Dalek Invasion of Earth" by Terrence Dicks (0 426 11244 X) first published by W.H. Allen (now Virgin Publishing Ltd.) in 1977 with cover by Chris Achilleos.  New edition in 1990 with cover by Alister Pearson.  Target library number 17.  Also reprinted in "Doctor Who - The Dalek Omnibus" in 1983 with cover by Andrew Skilleter.


Image of Video CoverReleased on video in the U.K. in PAL format from Warner Home Video . (catalogue #30825), Widescreen Version. Also released in U.S. and Canada (catalogue # S038328.) in NTSC format - (ASIN #6303094899).




DVD CoverReleased on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment November 20, 2001.
Run Time: 81 minutes.
Widescreen anamorphic - 2.35:
Audio: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
Color, Closed-captioned
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Originally released in Britain in 1966, Invasion Earth 2150 is another retelling of a Daleks's story, Dalek Invasion of Earth. Louise, like Barbara in the first film, is a relative of Doctor Who, this time his niece; she, too, is already familiar with the capabilities of TARDIS at the outset. However, like Ian before him, Special Constable Tom Campbell is a newcomer, mistaking TARDIS for a real Police Box while attempting to foil a jewel robbery. Rather than attempting to return his companions to contemporary London, Doctor Who is deliberately setting out an expedition to the city in the year 2150. As well as different opening, a different ending was created. Since Roberta Tovey's Susan was obviously too young to be married off to freedom fighter David Campbell. David loses not only his love interest but his surname in the move to the big screen, changing the latter to Tom. Other minor character changes include resistance man Tyler becoming Wyler, and privateer Ashton becoming Brockley. The character of Jenny disappears completely.

Shepperton Studios.
Jetty (next to St. Mary's Church), Battersea Church Road, Battersea, London, SW11. (31 January - 22 March 1966)
Bendy Toys Factory, Ashford Road, Ashford, Middlesex. (31 January - 22 March 1966)
River Ash Footbridge, Littleton Park, Littleton, Middlesex. (31 January - 22 March 1966)
Shepperton Studios Backlot, Studios Road, Littleton, Middlesex. (31 January - 22 March 1966)

When the camera pans quickly from right to left in the food room, you can see the Robotising room in the background.
When Susan escapes in the red van and it crashes into the Daleks, you can see the windscreen being smashed twice, once in close-up and once in long-shot, so the driver can see where he is going.