The Rani


Image of RaniThe Rani was a renegade Time Lady.  It is possible that she visited India at one time during her travels, since her name means "reigning queen".  She attended the same Time Lord university as the Doctor and the Master.

She was a master biologist, completely amoral, interested only in the fate of her experiments. She allegedly turned mice into giant monsters who devoured the Presidentís pet cat, which resulted in her exile from Gallifrey. 

The Rani eventually enslaved the population of Miasimia Goria.  Trying to increase their productivity, she gave them a drug which,

Image of Raniinstead, deprived them of sleep, and turned them into savages.  

To cure the problem, she traveled to Earth to steal the brain fluids that enable humans to sleep, planning to feed them to the Miasimians.  By so doing, the Rani was indirectly responsible for causing a number of violent episodes throughout human history: the Trojan War, the Dark Ages, the American War of Independence and the Luddite Uprisings. 

Her latter visit caused her to ran afoul of both the Sixth Doctor and the Master.  The two renegade Time Lords entered into an uneasy alliance, but were still outwitted by the Doctor, who sent them both

Image of Rani spinning into theouter fringes of the universe in the Raniís TARDIS (6X)

The Rani then took over Lakertya, controlling its weak-willed population with the help of her new allies, the four-eyed Tetraps.  She took the Lakertyansí leader, Beyus, and his daughter, Sarn, hostage and kept the other Lakertyans submissive by threatening to release a swarm of deadly insects if they did not obey her orders. 

The Rani kidnapped eleven of the greatest intellects in the universe (including Einstein) and combined them into a giant Brain.  She also caused the Sixth Doctorís TARDIS to crash on Lakertya, triggering his

Image of Rani pretending to be Melregeneration. 

She plotted to launch a Loyhargil rocket to blow up an asteroid made up of  Strange Matter.  The resulting explosion would have turned the Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator, with which she could have recreated the universe. 

The Seventh Doctor incited the Lakertyans to revolt, and tricked the Rani by inducing schizophrenia in the Brain.  He caused the rocket to miss the asteroid.  The Rani escaped in her TARDIS, but was taken prisoner by the Tetraps who wanted to use her genius to help their people (7D).