Invasion Of The Dinosaurs



15 Dec 73 - 05 Jan 74
12 Jan 74 - 16 Feb 74
23 Feb 74 - 16 Mar 74
23 Mar 74 - 27 Apr 74
04 May 74 - 08 Jun 74


Episode 1.
12th January 1974
5:30 p.m.
Episode 2.
19th January 1974
5:31 p.m.
Episode 3.
26th January 1974
5:30 p.m.
Episode 4.
2nd February 1974
5:34 p.m.
Episode 5.
9th February 1974
5:30 p.m.
Episode 6.
16th February 1974
5:30 p.m.

London is evacuated after prehistoric monsters suddenly appear out of nowhere. The Doctor and Sarah return to find London deserted and under martial law. At first they are arrested as looters but once back with the Brigadier they discover an incredible plot to alter Time. A group of misguided idealists, led by Charles Grover MP, wants to reverse Time, wiping out all Earth's previous history and returning it to a golden age before technological pollution. Captain Yates has been converted to their cause and is working against UNIT. Thanks to his powers as a Time Lord, the Doctor is able to foil the scheme.

The Doctor:  Jon Pertwee
Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen
Brig. Lethbridge-Stewart:
Nicholas Courtney
Sergeant Benton: John Levene
Captain Yates
: Richard Franklin

Guest Appearances:
Charles Grover: Noel Johnson
Professor Whitaker: Peter Miles
Butler: Martin Jarvis
UNIT Corporal: Pat Gorman
Peasant: James Marcus
Shears: Ben Aris
Soldier: John Caesar
Phillips: Gordon Reid
Ogden: George Bryson
Looter: Terry Walsh
General Finch: John Bennett

Corporal Norton: Martin Taylor
Daffy: Dave Carter
Mark: Terence Wilton
Adam: Brian Badcoe
Ruth: Carmen Silvera

Bryson: Colin Bell
Robinson: Timothy Craven
Lodge: Trevor Lawrence


Producer: Barry Letts.
Script Editor: Terrence Dicks, Robert Holmes.
Writer: Malcolm Hulk .
Director: Paddy Russell.
Designer: Richard Morris.
Costume: Barbara Kidd.
Make up: 
Jean McMillan.
Visual Effects: Clifford Culley.
Music : Dudley Simpson.


1978 Target edition with cover art by Jeff Cummins1993 Target edition with cover art by Alister Pearson1976 Target Edition Book Cover with cover by Chris Achilleos

Novelized as "Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion" by Malcolm Hulke (0 42610874 4) fast published by Tandem as Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion in 1976 with cover by Chris Achilleos. New edition by W H Allen (now Virgin Publishing Ltd) in 1978 with cover by Jeff Cummins. New edition in 1993 with cover by Alister Pearson. Target library number 22.

1979 Pinnacle edition with cover art by David Mann1981 Pinnacle edition with cover art by David Mann1989 Pinnacle edition with cover art by David Mann

Published in America by Pinnacle, and was number 3 in the series. It was first printed in May 1979. It was reprinted right up until 1989 with minor alterations to the cover throughout the run. Cover art by David Mann.

Image of UNIT Officers, General Finch (John Bennett), Captain Yates, SGT Benton and The Doctor
Image of Special effects Dinosaurs
Image of  Mark (Terence Wilton) and Sarah Jane
Image of Dinosaur in Underground tunnel

Image of the Doctor in the Whomobile, and the Brigadier
Image of  Cpt Yates, Sgt Benton, the Doctor, Sarah Jane and The Brigadier
Image of the Doctor
Image of Sarah Jane and Ruth (Carmen Silvera)


Not yet released on video.



Episode 1 of this story was broadcast under the title Invasion.
The story featured the sudden change of sides by Mike Yates (Richard Franklin), one of the Brigadier's most trusted operatives and a series semi-regular; Yates would be written out in this story into forced retirement, though he would get the chance to redeem himself in "Planet of the Spiders".

Episodes 2-6 exist in color on PAL 2" videotape, as held by the Film & Videotape Library when audited in 1978. The PAL color master of episode 1 was wiped a few months after the episode's initial transmission.

Studio recording in studio TC3. (12-13 November 1973)
Studio recording in studio TC6. (15-16 October 1973)
Studio recording in studio TC8. (29-30 October 1973)
Albert Embankment, London, SE11.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Westminster Bridge, Westminster, London, SW1.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Whitehall, London, SW1.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Trafalger Square, London, SW1.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Haymarket, London, SW1.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Billingsgate Market, Lower Thames Street, London, EC3.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Covent Garden, Strand, London, WC2.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Outer Circle (by Cambridge Gate, Regents park, London, NW1.
(Belived to be 2 September 1973)
Clayponds Avenue, Brentford, Middlesex.
(27 September 1973)
Wilmer Close, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.
(26 September 1973)
Canbury Gardens, Lower Ham Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.
(27 September 1973)
Lower Ham Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.
(27 September 1973)
Southall Gas Works, White Street, Southall, Middlesex.
(25 September 1973)
Moorfields, London, EC2.

...• Phillips Jewellers, 125 Moorfields.
(23 September 1973)
...• Moorgate Underground Station.
(23 September 1973)
New Union Street, london, EC2.
(23 September 1973)
Northfield's School, Balfour Road, London, W13.
(24 September 1973)
General Post Office Sorting Office (GPO), Orchard Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.
(26 September 1973)
Palmer Crescent, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.
(26 September 1973)
Pickford's Depositories, Brownlow Road, Ealing, London, W13.
(24 September 1973)
Kingston Meat Market, The Bittoms, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.
(26-27 September 1973)
South Lane, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.
(27 September 1973)
The Straight, Southall, Middlesex.
(25 September 1973)
Chamberlain Road, Ealing, London, W13.
(24 September 1973)
Central Electricity Generating Board Substation, Elderberry Road, Ealing, London, W5.
(24, 29 September 1973)
White Street, Southall, Middlesex.
(25 September 1973)
Parkfields Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.
(26 September 1973)
Long Lane, Smithfield, London, EC1.
(23 September 1973)
Wimbledon Common, Windmill Road, London, SW19.
(26 September 1973)
Lindsay Street, Smithfield, London, EC1.
(23 September 1973)
Riverside Drive, Ham, Middlesex.
(27 September 1973)

Episode 2 - When the UNIT soldiers are shooting at the tyrannosaurus, the CSO is very badly lined up making it seem like their rifles are aimed at the building beside it.
Episode 2 - When the Doctor goes to inspect the stegosaurus, there's a blatant difference in the colour of the sky between the shots of the dinosaur (with the Doctor) and the shots of the Brigadier and his men (supposedly just behind the Doctor). This is made worse by the repeated switching between the two angles.
Episode 2 - When Mike Yates is about to sabotage the Doctor's gun, he glances down at it in the back of the Brigadier's jeep and we can see that the sabotage device is already attached to the gun, although we don't see him put it on until shortly afterwards.
Episode 3 - In the shot of the Doctor driving the jeep, on his way to the hangar, his hair looks quite different to any other time in this episode.
Episode 3 - When Sarah is hit on the head by a beam knocked loose by the dinosaur, it clearly hits the back of her head but afterwards it's her forehead which appears bruised and scratched.
Episode 4 - In the first scene with the "Whomobile", just as the Brigadier is saying "Wouldn't you rather have a jeep?", a black baton or tube with a white tip passes from right to left across the bottom of the picture. It looks very much like the Doctor's portable detector we see a bit later, but it can't be Jon Pertwee who's waving it around as the camera zooms out a bit we see his hands are down, inside the car.
Episode 4 - Sarah tells us that "Mark" jumped 2.362 metres at the last Olympics. Since when is the high-jump measured in millimetres?
Episode 4 - As the Doctor is being 'herded' through the underground complex, watch the right-hand wall wobble quite badly when the second door closes. (In fact, this happens more than once while the Doctor is in the complex.)
Episode 4 - When the Doctor enters the lift to leave the complex, the rear wall of the lift does not have any coats, caps etc. on it (or even hooks to hang them on), unlike when he both enters and leaves it in the Underground station.
Episode 5 - Whitaker's demonstration of rolling back time involves Butler raising a mug above his head and smashing it. However, in the action of raising it, he accidentally bumps it into that glowing red piece of apparatus hanging over him, making a loud "clunk".
Episode 6 - Criticising the dinosaur effects in this story is like shooting fish in a barrel, but special mention must be made of the gravity-defying tyrannosaurus at the start of this episode. As it chews on the brontosaurus, it leans over at a ridiculous angle, with its body almost parallel to the ground!
Episode ? - When we see the Tyranosaurus's arms, notice that it has three fingers. Unfortunately, in reality T-Rex had only two fingers.