Day Of The Daleks



01 Jan 72 - 22 Jan 72
29 Jan 72 - 19 Feb 72
26 Feb 72 - 01 Apr 72
08 Apr 72 - 13 May 72
20 May 72 - 24 Jun 72


Episode 1.
1st January 1972
5:53 p.m.
Episode 2.
8th January 1972
5:53 p.m.
Episode 3.
15th January 1972
5:52 p.m.
Episode 4.
22nd January 1972
5:52 p.m.

Auderley House, the country residence of Sir Reginald Styles has been selected as the venue for a World Peace Conference. The peace diplomat Sir Reginald Styles is attacked by guerillas, who vanish in front of his eyes to their 22nd century world taking Jo Grant with them. Miss Paget, Styles' assistant reports the attack. The Brigadier is notified and assigns the Doctor to investigate. The guerrilla reappears and is killed by two Ogrons, large ape-like humanoids. UNIT soldiers find his body, a gun and a sort of mechanical device. The Doctor spends the night at Auderley House and meets three more guerrillas, Anat, Boaz and Shura.  The Doctor follows and discovers the future is ruled by the Daleks and their ape like slaves the Ogrons. The guerillas say that they are after Styles because in the 20th century he murdered world leaders, starting a world war which enabled the Daleks to conquer Earth. They want to prevent this. The Doctor realizes that the real murderer, however was a guerilla sent to kill Styles! The Doctor manages to escape from the Daleks and hurries back to the 20th Century, where he has Styles house evacuated. The guerilla, Shura, destroys only the Daleks and the Ogrons, who pursuing the Doctor, with a Dalekenium Bomb. The future is saved.

The Doctor:  Jon Pertwee
Jo Grant:
Katy Manning
Brig. Lethbridge-Stewart: Nicholas Courtney
Sergeant Benton: John Levene
Captain Yates: Richard Franklin

Guest Appearances:
Miss Paget:
 Jean McFarlane
Sir Reginald Styles: Wilfrid Carter
Guerilla: Tim Condren
Chief Dalek: John Scott Martin
Dalek Voices: Oliver Gilbert,,Peter Messaline
Controller: Aubrey Woods
Technician: Deborah Brayshaw
Radio Operator: Gypsie Kemp
 Anna Barry
Shura: Jimmy Winston
Boaz: Scott Fredericks
Monia: Valentine Palmer
Guard: Andrew Carr
Manager: Peter Hill
Guard: George Raistrick
TV Reporter: Alex MacIntosh
Ogrons: Rick Lester, Maurice Bush, Frank Menzies, Bruce Wells, GeoffreyTodd, David Joyce
 Ricky Newby, Murphy Grumbar
UNIT Personnel: Leon Maybank, Barbara Chambers 
Style's Aide: Desmond Verini
UNIT Guard: David Melbourne

Producer:  Barry Letts.
Script Editor: Terrence Dicks.
Writer: Louis Marks.
Director: Paul Bernard.
Designer: David Myerscough-Jones. 
Costume: Mary Husband.
Make up: 
Heather Stewart.
Visual Effects: Jim Ward.
Music : Dudley Simpson.


1980 Book cover with art by Chris Achilleos1979 Pinnacle Edition Book Cover with cover by David Mann1982 Edition Book Cover with cover by Andrew Skilleter

1991 Edition Book Cover with cover by David MannNovelised as "Doctor Who And The Day of The Daleks  by Terrence Dicks  (0 426 10380 7) first published by Universal Tandem in 1974 as Doctor Who and The Day of The Daleks with cover by Chris Achilleos.  New edition by W.H. Allen (now Virgin Publishing Ltd.) in 1985 with cover by Andrew Skilleter.  New edition in 1991 with cover by Alister Pearson.  Also published in Doctor Who - The Dalek Omnibus by Terrence Dicks first published by W. H. Allen in 1983 with cover by Andrew Skilleter.  Target library number 18.
Published in America by Pinnacle, Day of The Daleks was edition number 1 in the series and went on to be reprinted up until 1989.

Image of The Brigadier, Jo, & The Doctor
Image of The Doctor and a tied up Jo
Image of Ogrons and Daleks
Image of The Doctor hiding from the Daleks
Image of The Doctor being attacked by Ogrons Image of the Doctor and Daleks


Image of Video CoverReleased as "Day of the Daleks" in the UK, July 1986, and in Australia & New Zealand (BBC catalogue #2036). Released in US & Canada in 1989 (CBS/FOX catalogue #5092, reclassified as WHV #1151). Cover montage illustration by Sid Sutton. The original 1986 UK release was on both VHS and Betamax format. Re-released in the UK in 1988 (BBC catalogue #4109, budget-priced) and again in the UK in 1994 (BBC catalogue #5219)

Image of laserdisc coverReleased in 1989 in the US by CBS/FOX Re-released in 1994 in the 1994 by Encore Entertainment (catalogue #EE1202, UK), with cover art by Pete Wallbank. Both releases were in CLV format (extended play).



Kenneth Benda was heard as the Minister in a voice-over telephone conversation in Episode 2 but was uncredited on screen.

All four episodes exist as PAL 2" color videotape as held by the Film & Videotape Library when audited in 1978.

Studio recording in TC4. (4-5 October 1971)
Studio recording in TC8. (18-19 October 1971)
United States International University, Dropmore Park, Burnham, Buckinghamshire.
(13-14 September1971)
Harvey House, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford, Middlesex.
(14, 16 September1971)
Bull's Bridge, Hayes, Middlesex.
(14-16 September1971)

Episode 1 - While the Doctor is pottering around in the TARDIS trying to get it working, he hands a clipboard and pen to Jo. As he does so, the pen falls off the board and gets stuck about halfway down the TARDIS console where it stays for the next couple of shots. But then Jo hands the clipboard back to the Doctor with the pen, and no sign of her having bent over to retrieve the errant writing implement.
Episode 1 - Early on in this episode, the Brigadier gets a phone call. When he answers, we can hear the muffled voice of a male secretary of some sort announcing that he has the Minister on the line for the Brig. The secretary finishes his line, then the Minister says "hello" in the middle of the Brig's reponse. The Minister then offers a second "hello", but Nick Courtney doesn't seem to react until the third one.
Episode 1 - The Brigadier tells Jo that Auderley House is a government-owned country house. But all other indications in the story are that Auderley is Styles's private home (e.g. Styles's wine cellar, the fact that the Brigadier asks Styles for permission to search the grounds, etc.).
Episode 1 - As Styles enters his study when the Doctor and co. are talking to Miss Paget, the camera is a little too high, and a diagonal wire can be seen attached to the chandelier.
Episode 1 - Watch the Brigadier slip and slide as he's running through the mud on his way to the railway tunnel.
Episode 1 - When the controller contacts his masters for the first time, the camera zooms back dramatically to show who he's reporting to the Daleks! In awe of seeing them for the first time, the boom operator has forgotten to move out of the way and the boom mike can be seen sitting above the controller's head rather sheepishly.
Episode 2, 3 - When Styles's house is being attacked by the Ogrons (in studio), the freedom fighter Boaz loses his hat while running out to fight. In the next shot (on location) he has it back on. Then in the next episode, when the Doctor catches up with them in the tunnel, it's gone again.
Episode 4 - As the attack force of Daleks and Ogrons emerges from the tunnel, one of the Ogrons has a very badly-fitting mask a large portion of the actor's face can be seen underneath it.