Planet of The Daleks



30 Dec 72 - 20 Jan 73
27 Jan 73 - 17 Feb 73
24 Feb 73 - 31 Mar 73
07 Apr 73 - 12 May 73
19 May 73 - 23 Jun 73


Episode 1.
7th April 1973
6:11 p.m.
Episode 2.
14th April 1973
5:54 p.m.
Episode 3.
21st April 1973
5:54 p.m.
Episode 4.
28th April 1973
5:51 p.m.
Episode 5.
5th May 1973
5:52 p.m.
Episode 6.
12th May 1973
5:51 p.m.

Escaping from the Daleks, the TARDIS materialises on the planet Spiridon. The Doctor has not yet recovered and Jo ties not know of his recuperative powers. She sets out alone to find help and meets old allies of the Time Lord, the Thais, who are on a suicide mission to destroy the Daleks. Jo contracts a fungus disease and is cured by a friendly but invisible native. The Thais tell the Doctor, now recovered, that there are thousands of Daleks on Spiridon, immobilised by cold but ready to become an army and conquer the Galaxy with the unwilling help of the Spiridons, who retain the secret of invisibility. The Doctor finds the whereabouts of the Dalek army and succeeds in reactivating an ice volcano, which refreezes the entire Dalek army.

The Doctor:  Jon Pertwee
Jo Grant:Katy Manning

Guest Appearances:
Taron: Bernard Horsfall
Vaber: Prentis Hancock
Codal: Tim Preece
Wester: Roy Skelton
Rebec: Jane How
Marat: Hilary Minster
Latep: Alan Tucker
Dalek Supreme: Tony Starr
Daleks: John Scott Martin, Murphy Grumbar, Cy Town
Dalek voices: Michael Wisher, Roy Skelton


Producer: Barry Letts.
Script Editor: Terrence Dicks.
Writer: Terry Nation.
Director: David Maloney .
Designer: John Hurst. 
Costume: Hazel Pethig.
Make up: 
Jean McMillan.
Visual Effects: Clifford Culley.
Music : Dudley Simpson.


1978 Book cover with art by Chris Achilleos1976 Target edition Book Cover with cover by Chris Achilleos1992 Target  Edition Book Cover with cover by Alister Pearson

Novelised as "Doctor Who - Planet of the Daleks" by Terrance Dicks (0 426 11252 0) first published by Wyndham Publications (now Virgin Publishing Ltd) as "Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks" in 1976 with cover by Chris Achilleos. New edition by Virgin Publishing Ltd in 1992 with cover by Alister Pearson.

1983 W. H. Allen hardback edition book with  Cover with cover by Andrew SkilleterAlso published in "Doctor Who -The Dalek Omnibus" by Terrance Dicks first published by W H Allen in 1983 with cover by Andrew Skilleter. Target library number 46.

Image of Daleks
Image of Thal Latep (Alan Tucker)and Jo
Image of Taron (Bernard Horsfall), Rebec (Jane How), and Marat (Hilary Minster) in the icy passages
Image of the Doctor, Taron (Bernard Horsfall), and a Dalek

Image of Video CoverReleased as "Doctor Who Limited Edition: Planet of the Daleks / Revelation of the Daleks" in UK November 1999, two-tape set; and as "Planet of the Daleks" in US & Canada November 2000 (WHV #E1495) Released in Australia & New Zealand 2000 (BBC catalogue #6875), two-tape set. With photomontage cover art.

Image of Video CoverReleased as an abridged version on audio cassette, and read by Jon Pertwee by BBC Radio Collection in 1995 by BBC Worldwide Publishing.



The character of Rebec was named after Terry Nations's daughter Rebecca.
Uncredited Spiridon voices were provided by Roy Skelton.

Episodes 1, 2 and 4-6 exist as PAL 2" color videotape as recovered from BBC Enterprises in 1978.

Ealing filming on Stage 3B. (4-5, 8-9 January 1973)
Studio recording in TC1.
(19-20 January 1973)

Studio recording in TC4. (22-23 January 1973)
Studio recording in TC6. (5-6 February 1973)
Beachfields Quarry, Cormongers Lane, Redhill, Surrey.
(2-3 January 1973)

Episode 1 - In the very first scene, Jo is holding a gun in her right hand as she opens the TARDIS doors for the Doctor. But when they come into the console room, she is using both hands to support the Doctor and the gun has mysteriously vanished.
Episode 1 - After the Doctor recovers from his 'coma', he gets up and stands at the console. If you watch the central column at this point, you can see (in one of the mirrored surfaces) a reflection of one of the production crew moving around.
Episode 1 - While the Doctor is trapped in the TARDIS with the air supply running out, why does he take time to change his clothes?
Episode 1, 6 - When the Thals rescue the Doctor, the TARDIS doors are left gaping open. But somehow the console manages to remain fungus-free when the Doctor and Jo get back at the end of the story.
Episode 1, 2 - During the episode 1 cliffhanger, when the Doctor and Taron spray paint onto the invisible Dalek to make it visible, the Dalek that emerges is multicoloured not one colour as would be expected from using a single can of spraypaint! Though at the start of episode 2 the Dalek has changed colour to a more understandable dull black.
Episode 2, 4, 5 - The pots of the "exotic Spiridon jungle plants" are clearly visible in several shots. The most prominent are: when Codal gets captured by the Spiridon patrol (episode 2); when the Doctor is led away by the Daleks after they've destroyed the Thal spaceship (episode 2); two of them visible behind Jo as she gets up after the group decide to move to the Plain of Stones (episode 4); and when Vaber is killed by the Daleks (episode 5).
Episode 2 - As the Doctor is being escorted out of the lift in the underground complex, one of the Daleks bumps into the door frame with an audible 'thunk' as as it passes through.
Episode 2 - When Wester the (supposedly invisible) Spiridon is treating Jo's infected arm, on the ground you can see the (very un-invisible) shadow of whoever's actually holding the bowl.
Episode 2 - When the Doctor sees the Daleks about to destroy the Thal ship, he tells the Thals "Jo Grant's in there!". Fair enough. the Thals already knew that... but how did the Doctor know?
Episode 3 - When Jo climbs out of the crate in the Dalek control room, there's a motionless Dalek in the corner whose eyestalk is pointing straight at her, but conveniently manages not to see her!
Episode 4 -
The rock that hits Jo on the head is so large it should have crushed her skull like a grape, or at least caused major concussion. Also notice that Katy Manning obviously knows she's going to be zonked on the head, and blinks uncontrollably just before it strikes.
Episode 4 - When the Doctor and co. escape up the shaft with the aid of a giant hanky, the Dalek sent after them has a blatantly obvious string attached to its top.
Episode 4 - When the Doctor and the Thals finally get to the top of the ventilation shaft, Jo and one of the Thals struggle with obviously polystyrene boulders.
Episode 4 - As the Daleks are discussing their plan to release bacteria into the atmosphere, look for the reflection of a crew member in the glass box containing the bacteria. He or she can be seen moving to and fro several times.
Episode 4 - When the Thals take refuge on the Plain of Stones, look out for a dark shape (presumably a stagehand) which looms behind the painted backdrop.
Episode 5 - Vicious Spiridonian jungle animals have surrounded the Thal's fire encampment but their silhouettes are clearly cardboard cutouts with glowing lights for eyes. When the Thals scare off the animals, the eye lights go off, but their silhouettes clearly remain! (Also notice that one of the cardboard cutouts only has one working "eye"!)
Episode 5 -When Codal discovers that what he thought was Taron is actually a real Spiridon (i.e. there's supposed to be nothing visible in the costume), there's a glimpse of the actor inside as he rushes Codal.
Episode 5 -Immediately after the previous blooper, when Taron knocks the Spiridon out from behind, through the disturbed foliage behind him you can see a BBC camera on its pedestal.
Episode 5 - When the Doc et al are hiding from a Dalek patrol on the Plain of Stones, he's crouched behind a rock with Jo. He offers to draw on the Daleks off and slides past her. Katy Manning then winces visibly did Pertwee step on her tootsies, or did she perhaps catch her finger under the "rock"?
Episode 5 - When Jo and Latep come back to the Plain of Stones, leading a Dalek patrol there, a huge black shadow is visible on the backdrop as the group moves off.
Episode 5 - When the Daleks enter the rock circle (where Jo and the Thals have been hiding), one of the Daleks glides straight into a rock which then can be seen and heard scraping across the studio floor.
Episode 5 - Jo's hairstyle mysteriously changes halfway through the story.
Episode 5 - As the Doctor, Taron, Codal and the Dalek supposedly containing Rebec move off toward the Spiridon city, the Dalek bumps the camera as it goes past with an audible clunk.
Episode 6 -When we see poor Wester for the first time after he materialises, his eyelids flutter quite a bit after his untimely death!
Episode 6 -Look out for the strings which lower the door of the Dalek ship.
Episode 6 -The rather daft-looking Supreme Dalek seems to have a few problems with its eyepiece, which is supposed to light up whenever it talks, in a similar way to the normal Dalek voice-indicator lights. Unfortunately, it also seems to light up when other Daleks are talking as well!
Episode 6 -After the Doc and the leader of the Thal party look in the cupboard at the "thousands" of Palitoy Daleks about to lurch to life, if you look at the corridor in the background you can see something moving around back there.