Frontier In Space



30 Dec 72 - 20 Jan 73
27 Jan 73 - 17 Feb 73
24 Feb 73 - 31 Mar 73
07 Apr 73 - 12 May 73
19 May 73 - 23 Jun 73


Episode 1.
24th February 1973
5:51 p.m.
Episode 2.
3rd March 1973
5:53 p.m.
Episode 3.
10th March 1973
5:52 p.m.
Episode 4.
17thMarch 1973
5:51 p.m.
Episode 5.
24th March 1973
5:52 p.m.
Episode 6.
31st March 1973
5:53 p.m.

To avoid a head-on collision in Space the Doctor and Jo materialise in the hold of a future Earth spaceship. Almost immediately the ship is attacked. They emerge from the hold and the crew `see' them as their enemies, the Draconians, an alien humanoid race rivalling Earth for the control of the Galaxy. The Doctor and Jo, however, see the true face of the attackers: Ogrons! A rescue ship takes them all to Earth where they are accused of being Draconian spies. The Doctor is sent to the Moon but he and 1o are freed by the Master, whose plot is to provoke a space war between Earth and Draconia, using the Ogrons and a hypnotic device. The Doctor escapes and is captured by the Draconians, who believe him to be an agent provocateur from Earth. The Doctor succeeds in convincing the Draconians of the truth. Jo is recaptured by the Master and taken to the bleak terrifying Ogron planet. The Doctor follows to rescue her. There he discovers the true masterminds behind the whole plot: the Daleks! The Doctor wins the day but the Master escapes. The Daleks flee after the Doctor has been severely wounded by an Ogron.

The Doctor:  Jon Pertwee
Jo Grant: Katy Manning

Guest Appearances:
The Master: Roger Delgado
Stewart: James Culliford
Hardy: John Rees
Draconian Pilot: Roy Pattison
Draconian Prince: Peter Birrel
President: Vera Fusek
Williams: Michael Hawkins
Newscaster: Louis Mahoney
Secretary: Karol Hagar
Gardiner: Ray Lonnen
Kemp: Barry Ashton
Draconian First Secretary: Lawrence Davidson
Guard: Timothy Craven
Sheila: Luan Peters
Technician: Caroline Hunt
Patel: Madhav Sharma
Cross: Richard Shaw
Governor: Dennis Bowen
Professor Dale: Harold Goldblatt
Guard: Lawrence Harrington
Draconian Captain: Bill Wilde
Ogrons: Stephen Thorne, Michael Kilgarriff, Rick Lesser
Emperor: John Woodnutt
Draconian Messenger: Ian Frost
Earth Cruiser Captain: Clifford Elkin
Newcaster: Bill Mitchell
Brook: Ramsay Williams
Pilot: Stanley Price
Daleks: John Scott Martin, Cy Town, Murphy Grumbar
Dalek Voice: Michael Wisher


Producer: Barry Letts.
Script Editor: Terrence Dicks.
Writer: Malcolm Hulke.
Director: Paul Bernard.
Designer: Cynthia Kljuco. 
Costume: Barbara Kidd.
Make up: 
Sandra Shepherd.
Visual Effects: Bernard Wilkie, Rhys Jones
Music : Dudley Simpson.


1976 Target edition Book Cover with cover by Chris Achilleos1979 Target  Edition Book Cover with cover by Chris Achilleos

Novelised as "Doctor Who and the Space War" by Malcolm Hulke (0 426 11033 1) first published by Wyndham Publications (now Virgin Publishing Ltd) in 1976 with cover by Chris Achilleos. Also published in "The Doctor Who Omnibus" published by Book Club Associates in 1977. Target library number 57.

Image of Draconians and The Doctor
Image of the  Doctor and Jo
Image of The Master (Roger Delgado)
Image of tyhe Doctor and Draconians
Image of Jo Grant and Draconian

Image of Video CoverImage of Video Cover

Released in an extended version as "Frontier in Space" in the UK, August 1995 and in Australia & New Zealand (BBC catalogue #5640). Released in US & Canada 1996. (CBS/FOX catalog #8337, reclassified as WHV #E1495). Cover art by Colin Howard.two tapes in UK and US & Canada, one tape in Australia & New Zealand.

Episode 6 was also released on "The Pertwee Years" (BBC catalogue #4756 in UK March 1992, Australia & New Zealand. CBS/FOX catalogue #5732 in US & Canada 1992, reclassified as WHV #E1182).



This is the last story to feature the Master until "The Deadly Assassin" (4P) in 1976, because of the death of Roger Delgado who was tragically killed in Turkey in an automobile accident in June 1973 in while en route to a location shoot on "Bell of Tibet".
The masks for the Draconian extras were modelled from a bust of the face of comedian Dave Allen.

All six episodes exist in color on PAL 2" color videotape; episodes 4 and 5 were held by the Film & Videotape Library when audited in 1978, and copies of all 6 episodes were recovered from ABC Television in Australia in 1985.

Ealing filming. (14 September 1972)
Studio recording in TC3. (31 October - 1 November 1972)

Studio recording in TC4. (2-3, 16-17 October 1972)
Hayward Gallery, Belvedare Road, Lamberth, London, SE1. (10 September 1972)
8A Fitzroy Park, Highgate, London, N6. (13 September 1972)
Beachfields Quarry, Cormongers Lane, Redhill, Surrey. (11-12 September 1972)

Episode 1 - Get your finger on the Pause button to spot an editing blunder: Between the pilot saying "They'll be through any minute!" and the next shot of the Doctor fiddling with his sonic screwdriver is a single frame of the airlock door being melted by the Ogrons' cutting device.
Episode 1 - As the Doctor is working on the cell door, just before Jo says "How's it going?", in the shiny surface of the door you can see the blurred reflection of a crew member, who quickly scurries out of shot.
Episode 1 - Immediately after the previous blooper, the next shot is a low angle of the outside of the door looking up, and one of the studio lights is plainly visible in the middle of the picture.
[Perhaps they hoped to pass it off as one of the ship's own lights?]
Episode 1 - Look for another editing goof as the Doctor opens the door and discovers the pilot waiting outside: there's a single completely black frame between the shot from behind the Doctor as he opens the door, and the next one, from in front of him.
Episode 2 - An error in the credits for this episode results in Roy Pattison (Draconian Space Pilot) and Louis Mahoney (Newscaster) being credited, although they only appeared in episode 1, and Lawrence Davidson (Draconian First Secretary) and Timothy Craven (Cell Guard) not being credited, even though they did appear in this episode.
Episode 3 - During the last of the "kidnapping attempts", the Doctor and Jo run away from the Ogrons. The Doc dives behind a small wall, when Jo arrives behind him and bends over to hide behind the wall, in the process badly ripping the seat of her trousers apart at the seam.
Episode 3 - Jo seems to change her outfit between episodes while being held in the prison cell!
Episode 4 - During the Doctor's spacewalk, he pulls an oxygen tube from his spacesuit. Not only does his suit not depressurise as you might expect, but the thrust from it conveniently pushes him in only one direction towards the airlock!
Episode 4 - The Doctor's banging on the airlock door with his oxygen cylinder causes the entire wall to shake.
Episode 4 - After the Doctor's spacewalk, you can see a production assistant waiting to help Jon Pertwee back into the hatch.
Episode 4 - While the Doctor is planning his escape with a pair of fellow prisoners on the moonbase, watch out for a pony-tailed woman sipping from a "futuristic" cup (in reality a baby-sipper-cup thingy)... then watch her almost choke as something clearly goes down the wrong way!
Episode 4 - While Jo is reciting "Mary had a little lamb" to keep from getting hypnotized by the Master, she says the third line as: "... and wherever Mary lamb, the lamb was sure to go".
Episode 5 - As the Master leads Jo by the hand across the rock-strewn ground of the Ogrons' planet, he can be heard quietly saying various un-Master-esque things like, "Be careful down here."
[This is not so much the Master helping Jo as Roger Delgado helping out Katy Manning, whose poor eyesight (without her glasses) left her prone to tripping up on uneven terrain.]
Episode 6 - When the Doctor goes out to repair the spacecraft (the exterior of which suspiciously resembles the one in ep 2), look out for the all-too-obvious strings holding him up.
Episode 6 - When we see model shots of the full spacecraft, it's very hard to believe that the full-sized squarish-looking interior set could be present anywhere inside the (cylindrical) ship.
Episode 6 - Watch out for when Roger Delgado has to give a Dalek a push in the right direction, smirking as he does so.